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Yamas - online Tokens

We will use our clubconcerts as a test case for Sjock 47 !

​With this app you will be able to buy your tokens onine. You can do it already at home or at the concert itself.

​No need to wait in line at the Token desk, or if you are at the bar and run out of tokens, just open the app and buy some more.

​Please help us to make this a good test for Sjock 47 !

Tokens via Yamas will be cheaper for these concerts

​1. Download the app :


​​2. Create your account

​3. Select the concert you will visit (beware tokens only valid for that specific concert; no refunds)

​4. Buy the package you wish


Payment at the bar :

1. Click on de Token for each drink

2. Click on the scan button and scan de QR code at the bar

3. Show your smartphone to the bartender

4. Enjoy your drinks


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