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  • large bags or backpacks (max A4-size)

  • sharp objects

  • any other objects that can be considered dangerous by the organization

  • drugs/ narcotics

  • making fires



  • bags up to a maximum size of an A4-size (: Bags can be checked at any time! May we please asked for your cooperation by opening your bag at the simple request of our employees and showing its contents?)

  • small, non-professional cameras

  • mobile phones, smartphones and tablets

  • umbrellas without pins

  • blankets or a plastic tarpaulin to sit on

Before entering the site, lawful scanning can be done and you may be asked to open your bag(s). In the event of refusal, access is prohibited, as well as in case of drug or narcotics possession.



  • Leave on time! You may have to queue at the entrance because of additional security checks.

  • Be understanding in case of any additional security controls and please cooperate.

  • Make sure you always have your identity card with you.

  • Never leave your belongings unattended.

  • Park your car only where allowed. Make sure that you do not park your vehicle in a place where a parking restriction applies. This restriction is there for a reason.


Every concert, every festival is a big party. Every effort is made to ensure that additional checks run as smoothly as possible, so that you can fully enjoy a great festival afternoon, evening and night. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and your spontaneous cooperation during the security coltrols!

Enjoy Sjock !

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