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General Rules : Campsite
= camping area + mobilehome area
REMINDER : all campsite rules also apply to Camper Area
Breaking the rules may result in REMOVAL from the entire festival ground (tickets will not be refunded)
Costs that occured due to breaking the rules will be charged to the offender.
Serious offenders will be REPORTED to the POLICE


Entrance : camping ticket = 15 euro per person per weekend (=1, 2 or 3 nights)

  • Not included in festival ticket !

  • No valid 2024 camping-wristband = no entry to camping area !

  • To buy ONLY at camping entrance (Not in presale/preorder)

  • Use indicated entrance and exit

  • Body searches can be requested, if you don't accept, you cannot enter the camping area

  • Tents must be set up on the marked spots (follow instruction from our stewards)

  • Fire lanes / fire escape pathways and exits must be kept at all times (tents that obstruct will be removed without warning)

Environment : the festival and camping area are in a natural environment

  • Do not damage the surrounding fields and properties as this will jeopardize the existence of Sjock !

  • Keep the place clean : use the rubbish facilities (also for cigarette butts) !

Opening hours caming area : Friday 15h - Monday 11h59

Facilities camping area : all free use  24/24

  • Toilets

  • Showers

  • Fresh Water

Cooking & fires :

  • Campfires, bonfires, torches, esbit fires, candles, fireworks, ...

  • Barbecues, BBQ

  • Gas burners with pierceable cartridges

  • Burning your tent at the end of the festival

  • Only small gas burners with a security valve cartridge are allowed

Food & Drinks :

  • Breakfast, coffee, tea : Saturday, Sunday and Monday : 8h00-11h59

  • Camping bar : open early morning 'till late at night

  • Glass bottles = strictly forbidden both on camping area and festival area

  • Cans and plastic bottles allowed on camping area (NOT on festival area)

Objects & behaviour :

  • Glass objects

  • Spades

  • Weapons

  • Drugs

  • Trading

  • PA-systems and/or music installations

  • Playing loud music

  • Small generator units

  • Grafitti

  • Climbing fences, toilets, tents, ...

  • Catapulting objects in the air

Vehicles :

  • NO vehicles allowed on tent area of the camping

  • We have a demarcated area on the camping area specifically for campers, mobile homes

  • Cars, motorbikes, ... need to be parked at the main festival parking (free of charge)

  • It's not allowed to sleep in your car of set up tents at the main festival area parking

  • It's not allowed to park your vehicle next to the road. This might block ambulances, fire workers. Vehicles the might block roads will be towed away at charge of the owner

  • No trolleys, camp gear bagage trolleys, shopping carts, ... are allowed on the camping area (unless you can store it in your tent)

Animals :

  • No animals allowed on the camping area

Keep in mind :

  • Do not leave valuables unattented

  • Camping is at your own risk : we cannot held responsible for accidents, fysical or material damage and/or theft

  • Use your common sense can don't endanger others

  • Guidelines by stewards, security and emergency services are always to be followed. In case of discussion or disagreement : the Sjock-organisation is always right !

Thank you all for following and respecting these rules and therefore not jeopordize the existence of your beloved festival !

= strictly forbidden

= strictly forbidden

Extra Rules : Camper Area
(in addition to the general rules Camping Area)

Entrance : Camper ticket : 30 euro per vehicle per weekend (1, 2 or 3 nights) + camping ticket : 15 euro per person per weekend

  • Camper ticket only in presale (limited availability) - go here

  • (camping tickets per person not available in presale - please check more info above)

  • It's not allowed to reserve a camper spot and use it as camping space, only for vehicles !

Entrance & exit :

  • Please follow signs to camper area

Vehicles :

  • only 1 campers/mobilhomes or 1 car + caravan per camper ticket allowed

  • Max. length : 12,5 mtrs

  • Max. width : 4,5 mtrs

  • Not allowed to park your camper/caravan at the festival parking area or next to the road
    The festival is secluded and surrounded by narrow access roads. These road needs to be clear for guaranteed access by emergency services. All vehicles that could block easy access will be towed away an all costs will be for owner of the vehicle.

  • There's NO SPACE provided for busses or coaches at the camper area

Keep in mind :

  • Everyone staying at the camper area needs a camping ticket as well

  • Extra tents are not allowed : it's not allowed to place tents arround the camper/caravans (tents belong at the camping area)

Example for pricing :

  • Person A is coming by car with caravan + 3 friends in his car
    Car with
    caravan = 30 euro + 4 person x 15 euro = 60 euro, totals 90 euro
    All persons should sleep in the caravan, no tents next to the caravan
    Or an extra tent could be set up on the Camping area (only 50 meters from Camper area)

  • Person B is coming by camper + his friend is coming by car + 3 friends in his car
    Camper = 30 euro + 5 person x 15 euro = 75 euro, totals 105 euro
    Camper can go on Camper Area
    Car needs to park at Parking Area
    All should sleep in the camper, no tents next to camper
    Or an extra tent can be set up on Camping area (only 50 meters from Camper area)


Thank you all for following and respecting these rules and therefore not jeopordize the existence of your beloved festival !

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