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Before you contact us, please check pages on this site to make sure the info that you seek is not availble on this site.

Some info is not yet available as we are still completing our line up. Obviously ticket prices, presale, ... depend on the bands that will be on our festival.
Please be patient.

All info will be available in due time.

We are all volunteers and need to organize the festival in our free time, so it could take some more time than the big commercial festivals.

That's also the reason why we ask to be patient and check on the site if info is on here.

If you like to be informed when new info is available, please subscribe to our newsletter. If we announce new bands, start with presale, etc. we will sent a newsletter.

For bands who like to be on our festival : we get offers and questions from bands every day. It's impossible to check every question and reply on each offer. Please post your music and info on our FB group : Link  and mention that your band wants to play at Sjock.
Our team checks this group often.

DROP US A LINE: read the above first

Bericht ontvangen!

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All request, questions etc are welcome at

or join the party on

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