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We agreed a deal with Hotel Corsendonk Viane, Turnhout.

At about 15-20 minutes drive from the festival site!

Please note the hotel deal only stands when you book your night(s) directly at the

Hotel! Reservations through and other internet hotel providers do not include

the same services as the deal we present here (you will also have to check in first before you can use the shuttle service)!

Following deal includes breakfast (closes 11:30h), tourist tax and a shuttle service from the hotel to the festival and back on the day(s) you are staying at the hotel! Check with the hotel for more details and don’t forget, contact the hotel directly through following details:

Hotel Corsendonk Viane ***

Korte Vianenstraat 2

B-2300 Turnhout



Phone: +32 (0) 14 88 96 00

As 'Viane' is almost completely booked, our hotel partner also offers shuttle service from another hotel in Turnhout :

Hotel Corsendonk Turnova ****

Kursaalpoort 10

B-2300 Turnhout


Email :

Phone : + 32 (0) 14 49 44 55

Please contact hotel for their rates.


Still young and adventurous? There’s plenty of room still on our campsite to set up your tent across the street of our festival site!

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