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Thursday 07/07/2022 - Bad news : Phil Campbell and his bastard sons cancels shows this weekend

Phill Campbell cancels 2 shows this weekend, including Sjockfestival.
We're really disappointed, these are difficult times.
Replacement : Grade 2

Please check out the adjusted timetable, some changes made.

Thursday 07/07/2022 - Presale ended

Presale ended a few hours ago.

Wednesday 06/07/2022 - The Sadies cancel European Tour

This one goes out to all fans of The Sadies, the band is sailing troubled waters and have encountered another set-back.

Due to medical issues The Sadies have to cancel all their live shows fort he coming weeks, please read their statement here:

Hello all.

We are sorry to share that Mike has a torn scapholunate ligament which requires immediate surgery. We unfortunately need to postpone the next 10 weeks of touring as he recovers.

We are actively working with promoters and venues to reschedule these dates and will let you know when we can see you in your town.

We thank you for the support you’ve shown us these last few months and are looking forward to playing and sharing Colder Streams with you.

Mike, Sean, Travis


The slot that is left open by The Sadies will be taken by Dawn Brothers from Holland.

Sunday 03/07/2022 - Idyllic walk from Tielen trainstation to Rock'n'Roll Walhalla

We set out a nice walk through the woods to get from Tielen Trainstation to Sjock
Follow this link

Thursday 30/06/2022 - Presale ends soon - tickets available at entrance

Huh? No ticket yet? Still tickets available in pre-sale here
Pre-sale ends Wednesday, July 6th at 23h59 CET, so hurry up!


Afterwards still tickets available at the entrance of the festival, but obviously at higher prices. So grab that ticket now and spent the extra money on some beers !


Weather forecasts looking great !
No photoshop needed this year.


Friday evening 24/06/2022 - 18h-20h - Radio Willy go here


13/06/2022 -  Collaboration Sjock - Lucky 13

Good day party people, ahead of the celebration festivities for our 45th anniversary, we are pleased to announce a collaboration with Lucky 13 (@lucky13apparel, @Lucky13ApparelEurope) to bring you awesome Sjock merchandise. There will be plenty for you boys and girls, raw rock 'n' roll goodies in classic style or limited Sjock 45th edition style. Don’t be shy and come to say hello at the merch booth on the festival ground or visit

See you all soon at the biggest rock & roll party of the year! #sjockfestival #lucky13


31/05/2022 -  Sjock 45 - new confirmation + Sjock 46 - FIRST BAND CONFIRMED

Decent Criminal tol dus they couldn’t make it, so we asked our local buddies from Unite Against Society to replace them and guess what… they will!

Also The Spits are cancelling their select European dates, due to medical issues in the band. We are working to find a suitable replacement, which is not going to be easy, as The Spits are one of a kind. We’ll see how that goes. We’ll keep you posted in our next newsletters, on our website, FB and Instagram pages. 

Then we need to give you an update on available tickets… note that full weekendtickets are 85% sold out!Also daytickets are selling rapidly, so don’t wait too long if you want to be part of Sjockfestival this summer…

Last but not least, we are extremely proud that we can announce a first band that will shine on our line-up in 2023, July 7-8-9.

It’s a reunion we all hoped for to happen and finally does!

It’s the BIG BEAT from Belgium, the greatest roots rockin’ combo in Europe ever, yes, it’s The Seatsniffers!

The Seatsniffers are back for an exclusive threesome of reunion shows and Sjock festival couldn’t be more happy to be part of this. 


31/03/2022 -  New band confirmations

Okay people, let’s not beat around the bush… getting the line-up completed for Sjock 45 was a long ride on a bumpy road with many setbacks. But after nearly three years since we confirmed the first band, we believe to be ready to present you the final billing of our little festival in Gierle Sjockcity.


Let’s tell you first about some more bitter pills we had to swallow these past weeks: unfortunately The Blasters are cancelling their European summer shows, here’s a short notice from the band:

“The Blasters are sorry to have to announce that due to concerns for the health of Phil Alvin, the 2022 european tour has been cancelled. The band hopes to return in 2023.”

Also Neighborhood Brats pull out of their planned euro-tour, for very personal reasons…

Now  over to some better news from The Sadies front; the band decided to continue their touring plans after the sad passing of their bandmate Dallas Good. So we’re looking forward to warmly welcome them again on our stage!


Let’s get on with the final eight bands we kept from you for so long:

This Means War (punk from the Lowlands)

Sons (r’n’r/garage/punk & more from the Wazeland)

Cosmic Psychos (bulldozer punk from Wallaroo-land & Sjock besties – back for few select shows)

Les Négresses Vertes (punk/folk/jazz/raï/world from Paris)

Harvesters (heavy blues/garage/surf/noise/roots/americana/psych/what’s in a name? from Ghent city)

Decent Criminal (punk/powerpop from California)

Teenage Bottlerocket (1-2-3-4 rock’n’roll from Wyoming – only European show in 2022!)

Reigning Sound (Reigning -Greg Cartwright- Sound from all over the place in the US)

That’s 45 bands for your amusement only. On top of this we offer you in times of increasing cost of living and despair our Belgian premium beers and soft drinks at a democratic price of 2.50 Euros each and free restroom visits! Free hugs and kisses with friends and long-time-no-see pals from all over Europe and even farther. Smelling bad in the morning but better after sipping that Sjocktail… God, what did we miss all this!

We’re back, let’s do this!

17/03/2022 -  COVID page REMOVED from our website

We're so happy that we feel confident that Sjock 45 - 2022 can be organised without any Covid measures.
We deleted this page from our website today !!!

17/02/2022 - New confirmations

Howdy friends

Finally things are looking bright again for rock’n’roll all over Europe! The wait is over we say!

Of course we were extremely gutted a couple of weeks ago when The Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced their split. We now know that the split is final and the Bosstones will not commit to the shows they announced.

Sjock is working hard to present you a suitable replacement, which brings us to the replacement we found for New Bomb Turks, who postponed their touring plans to 2023… none other than action rock phenomenon Peter Pan Speedrock will return to Sjock!

This will be one of two exclusive Belgian reunion shows, so don’t miss this chance to rock with Eindhoven Rock City’s finest!


But this is not all, we’re happy to announce local fun punkers Hukkelfukkers, the Danish/Brazilian 60’s garage duo The Courettes, London’s most exciting street punkers The Chisel and Mexico City’ s most desperate rock’n’rollers  Los Killer Tones! 


This makes our line-up for the 45th edition of Sjock ALMOST complete, we’ve got 6 more bands up our sleeves, which we’ll announce next month… we realize it’s becoming a lot to memorize, so we’ve lined up all bands again right here.


28/01/2022 - New confirmation and  bad news 

Hello friends

We’ve got some bad news to share. Unfortunately New Bomb Turks have to cancel their shows in Europe next summer (something with a motorbike). So they won’t make it to Sjock 45, but we promise to do our stinkin’ best to make it happen in 2023!

Also late lasy night, the news of a Mighty Mighty Bosstones split reached us… at this moment we are still trying to find out how this will affect their confirmed show at Sjock on July 8th…  We’ll keep you posted asap!

Then on to some good news to cheer you up; we can announce the mighty Nine Pound Hammer, who are returning to Belgium for 2 shows! They will play at Roots and Roses on April 30th AND Sjock 45 on Saturday July 9th.
Keep your eyes open for the final 10 bands for Sjock, to be announced in the coming weeks!
Take care folks, and see you VERY soon!
The Sjock team. 

Nine Pound Hammer - 9 juli.jpg

20/01/2022 - New names confirmed for Sjock 45 - 2022

Just a quicky to (re-) announce 10 more bands

for Sjock 45 on July 8-9-10!

Here we go:
Clowns (AU)
Pat Capocci (AU)
Snuff (UK)
Chubby and the Gang (UK)
Smooth Lee (BE)
Belle Starr and the Boot Jacks (BE)
Pink Room (BE)
Speedözer (BE)
Dry Riverbed Trio (NL)
The Bobby Lees (US)

The final 10 will be announced in the coming


Check Line Up to see  which day the bands play


28/10/2021 - New names confirmed for Sjock 45 - 2022

Here we are again for a quick intermediate addition of 10 bands to our line-up for Sjock 45 (which we are pretty sure to happen this time – third time’s the charm)…


But first, we would like to thank all of you that came out to our little ‘Sjock – Rebooting’ event last summer! It felt good to be there again, didn’t it?


Next summer, on July 8-9-10, we’ll have our ‘regular’ celebration of Rock’n’Roll again and we’re extremely happy to announce some more bands. Some were already announced in the past, some were not yet revealed AND after this we will still have 20(!) more bands to announce later on.


Enjoy following 10 names!


The Ragtime Rumours

Sean K. Preston

The Hawkmen

Arsen Roulette

Pizza Tramp

Neighborhood Brats

Stiff Richards

The Spits

George Thorogood and the Destroyers

They will join our Sjock 45 bill with following,

already announced bands:


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Madness

Social Distortion – Hola Ghost

New Bomb Turks – Phil Campbell and the

Bastard Sons (play Motörhead) – Voodoo Swing

Vandoliers – The Jason Ringenberg Band

The Sadies – The Blasters – The OSees

Agnostic Front – Equal Idiots – Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders



Tickets are on sale through


Those who already bought their Sjock 45 tickets in the course of 2019-2020, your tickets remain valid!

Check in on our socials regularly!


And subscribe to our newsletter via this link:


All for now… cheers, folks!

18/10/2021 - Update Line Up pages

Finally we could update the Line Up page.

We are constantly in touch with the bands that would have played on Sjock 45 in 2020.
Some are still waiting to confirm. For some countries (Australia) it's still not clear wether they can travel or not.
In the next weeks, we expect to add some more confirmations.

Obviously tickets for Sjock 45 bought in 2019, 2021 will be valid in July 2022 !

29/07/2021 - Rebooting Covid Safe – Extra bands on Saturday – Extra tickets on sale

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Things will only get better ‘cause we’re almost completely set and ready to go for Sjock: Rebooting on August 13-14-15!

So here some extra info on our ‘interim’ event, awaiting our normal festival edition in 2022.

Sjock: Rebooting takes place on the regular festival ground @ Poeyelhei in Gierle. Capacity is limited to 1500 people, so plenty of space there! We’ll have 1 open air stage for the bands to play their socks off. Also our ‘Titty Twister’ tent will be there, so you have plenty of shelter for rain (which we hope it won’t) or heavy sunshine.

The festival site will be a ‘Covid Safe’ area, which means only people with a valid Corona certificate can enter the site. This also means that in the safe area you can move around freely, don’t have to wear face masks and don’t have to keep the 1.5m social distance. Although we encourage people to still behave responsibly!

All visitors, workers, artists entering the festival site will need to have a valid Corona certificate! If not, they will be refused from entering the festival. The validity of the certificate will be scanned by the QR code on your phone or paper copy and your passport!

There is no PCR or RAT testing facility on or around the festival area!

More information on the Covid safe rules and the certificates can be found here:

Then taking it back to rock’n’roll… we are extremely happy to announce 2 additions to the line-up on Saturday!

Both Tusky (NL) and The Offenders (IT) will join the party!

And yes, we have extra tickets available for the weekend and Saturday, which were previously sold out!

Go here for tickets:

We hope you all know by now that your tickets bought for Sjock 45 (originally planned in 2020 and 2021) are not valid for Sjock: Rebooting. They remain valid for Sjock 45 on July 8-9-10 of 2022!


05/07/2021 - Ticket Refund - more Confirmation - Sjock Rebooting

It’s only one more year until we celebrate the 45th edition of Sjock fest, on July 8-9-10, 2022!

Those of you that already bought your tickets in 2019-2020-2021, rest assured your ticket remains valid for 2022!

If you can’t make it next year, this week is the final week to request your refund via the ticketlink on our website We will not accept refunding requests after July 10th.

We will also re-open ticket sales for Sjock 45 on July 11th, so if you want to join all the fun… get those tickets soon!

As you probably already know, we hold on to the ‘Corona crisis legacy’, the original bill as announced for 2020.

Most of the bands have re-confirmed already and we’re happy to announce following additional re-confirmations:

Agnostic Front – The Osees – The Blasters – Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – The Sadies – Vandoliers – Hola Ghost – Voodoo Swing

We’ll present a total of 45 bands for our 45th anniversary, so still 30 more bands to reveal in the following months, stay tuned!


Those who missed our previous newsletters, and are desperate to meet up with the Sjock Familia again, know that we’ve set up a mini-Sjock fest on August 13-14-15, called Sjock:Rebooting. Just to get our act back together after these miserable times and to see you all again up close!

Weekend and Saturday tickets for Sjock: Rebooting are already sold-out, but you can still get hold of tickets for Friday (Brutus – The Monsters – Thee Andrews Surfers – Rotzak) or Sunday (Tim Knol & Blue Grass Boogie Men – Walter Broes & Mercenaries – Moonshine Reunion – Little Hat – Trixie & Trainwrecks – Wild Deuces).

And if that’s not enough, for those lucky bastards that got hold of a Saturday or Weekendticket, we’ll announce 2 more bands to play on Saturday in the following days!

10/06/2021 - Sjock Rebooting !

Top o’ the mornin’ all you lasses and lads!
Time to let go of the old and new normals, the tunnel ends and all that crap… we’re all more than ready to leave it all behind and move forward!
Still no 45th birthday of your favourite festival this year, we’ll save it up for next year, so here’s an important note for those who hold tickets for ‘Sjock 45’: your tickets remain valid for July 8, 9, 10 2022 when we will present the bill we put together for 2020 and 2021 initially. (announcing more early July)
Of course we understand it’s a long wait ‘til then, so we came up with a cosy little thing this summer, on August 13-14-15.
We called it ‘Sjock: Rebooting’ and tickets for this will be sold separately, so your Sjock 45 tickets are not valid for this one!
We’re going to keep this Rebooting thing small and simple, so there will be a limited amount of tickets available from June 11th, 19.00h. Better be ready to get hold of them!
What we’ve got cooking? Well here is the line-up:
Friday August 13:
Thee Andrews Surfers
The Monsters
+ headliner to be announced June 15th
Saturday August 14:
Stay Idle
Prince Beastly
Captain Kaiser
The Kids
+ more to be announced
Sunday August 15:
Wild Deuces
Little Hat
Moonshine Reunion
Trixie and the Trainwrecks
Walter Broes and the Mercenaries
Tim Knol and the Blue Grass Boogiemen
Be aware that certain safety-protocols will still apply (vaccination/negative test certificate,…) but we are confident that we can come together in a relaxed atmosphere and we’ll keep you posted on exact Covid-measures as soon as we know.

23/04/2021 - Sjock 45 - ticket refund or roll over and first confirmations 2022 !

It’s been only 2 weeks since our last update on the 45th edition of Sjock fest, but your reactions on our refund policy made us reconsider our decision.

We were truly overwhelmed by so many people who want to hold on to their ticket until 2022! Some people even won’t accept a refund and buy new tickets for next year. This would be such a waste which we won’t let happen!

So we decided to give you the possibility again to make your own choice: either you keep your ticket or you request a refund.

To request your refund, please go to "tickets" on the above menu.


So, all tickets bought for Sjock 45 in 2020 or 2021 will remain valid for Sjock 45 on July 8-9-10, 2022.


If you can’t make it on those dates, you can request to get your tickets refunded.


Refunds can be requested until July 10th, 2021.


Tickets for Sjock in 2022 will go back on sale that same weekend, this way, we’ll have a good idea of how many tickets have become availabe again.

We also take this opportunity to announce some of the bands that already re-confirmed to play Sjock in 2022. There’s many more that already confirmed, but we’ll reveal those later. We plan to announce 90% of the program by start ticketsales in July.

First bands:


Social Distortion

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Equal Idiots

New Bomb Turks

The Jason Ringenberg Band


Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders

08/04/2021 - Sjock 45 moved to 2022 !

the inevitable has been decided... we will move the 45th edition of Sjock festival to 2022.

There's no way we can get things organised like we want to and to get Sjock going as it should be like.


We will start to refund all tickets that were sold for the 2020 and 2021 edition as of April 15th!


There’s no action needed from your side, refunds will be done automatically, do allow us a couple of weeks to get everything sorted, we’re all volunteers working for Sjock after hours, you know!


Go spend that refunded money in your local bar, rock’n’roll club or buy some goodies from your favourite band. They can all use the support!

Do you hold a limited edition ‘early bird ticket’? No worries, you will get a personal early warning when the 2022 early birds become available!


Did you win a ticket for Sjock 2020 through our charity-raffle? No worries, you’ll get a personal notification from us, going towards 2022!


If you have any questions regarding the refund process, drop us an email (preferred) here:

Or send a PM on our festival page on Facebook:


We will soon be back with more positive news about band (re-)confirmations and tickets on sale for Sjock in 2022, July 8-9-10!


We are working on a small event in Gierle on July 9-10-11, 2021, but we have no idea yet how that will look like. More info on that as soon as possible!


Cheers, my friends. Better days are ahead!

01/10/2020 - Changes Line Up - Refund possibility

New band confirmations Sjock 2021

Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Stiff Richards

Unfortunately Dropkick Murphys cancelled Sjock 2021. They promised to come over in the next years. Fingers crossed.

Check the line Up page


Presale tickets 2021 available - Go to our Tickets-page


Then there’s this reminder we’ve got for you about the tickets you may have bought for 2020: you still have the possibility to request a refund if you can’t make it to the 45th edition of Sjock. Simply go to  Tickets  and request your refund. Deadline for refunds is October 15th 2020

Obviously, for those that do not want a refund, your tickets will remain valid for Sjock 45!

In Sjock we trust !

15/06/2020 - New confirmations - start presale - Refund possibility

New band confirmations Sjock 2021

Madness / New Bomb Turks / Doghouse Sam and his Magnatones / Church of Confidence


We are in touch with the other bands (2020) and hope to inform you soon !


Check the line Up page

Presale tickets 2021 stars NOW - Go to our Tickets-page


Also possibility to ask for Refund from NOW up to October 15th 2020 - Go to our Tickets-page


If you don't apply for Refund, your ticket will be valid for SJOCK 45 in 2021 !

20/05/2020 - Covid-19 - update - Sjock 45 - 2020

Bands 2021 confirmed so far :

Social Distortion / Agnostic Front / Black Lips / Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders / The Dwarves / The Sadies / The Jason Ringenberg Band / Equal Idiots / Vandoliers / Arsen Roulette / Hétten Dés / Speedözer / Decent Criminal / Death by Unga Bunga / Neighborhood Brats / Voodoo Swing / Uncle bard and the Dirty Bastards / This Means War / LA Machina / Dry Riverbed Trio /  Slacktone / The Ragtime Rumours / Hola Ghost / Mitraille

Bands 2021 to be confimed soon :

Dropkick Murphys / Madness / New Bomb Turks

We are in touch with the other bands (2020) and hope to inform you soon !

Check the line Up page

Presale tickets 2020 :

Your ticket will be valid in 2021 - no action needed

We hope you all support us and keep your ticket, If you can't make it in 2021, you have the option to request a refund.
Refund period : start 15th of June 2020 - end 15th of October 2020 - we will post the link for the refund on 15th of June on these pages

Presale tickets 2021 :

Start : 15th of June 2020

Check the Tickets page

15/04/2020 - Covid-19 - update - Sjock 45 postponed


As most of you may know, we would have celebrated our 45th consecutive edition of Sjock this year with an amazing line up.

So it is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that we will have to postpone this edition to 2021.

We're very sad about this but we do believe it is in the best interest for everyones health and safety and so we will follow the National Security Council’s measures to the letter.

We are in touch with all confirmed bands and hope they can make it to SJOCK next year.

Let’s hope we can make SJOCK 45 in 2021 a Highlight worth the extra wait..


For all who bought presale tickets for Sjock 2020 : we will contact you through e-mail soon!

BIG LOVE from your Sjock team! ❤

SJOCK Festival 45

9-10-11 July 2021

23/03/2020 - Corona - update

We’re still working hard towards bringing you "Your Rock 'n Roll Highlight of the Year’ this Summer!

But, because nobody knows where this Corona thing is headed in the near future, there are a whole bunch of uncertainties.

That’s why we have decided to put our presale ‘on hold’. That means as of right now there will be no tickets available until further notice.

Already purchased tickets will stay valid! The festival is not cancelled yet (and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that either…)!

In the event of cancellation or large changes to our line up (due to possible travel restrictions, restraints on event size,…) Sjock will come up with a fair settlement regarding purchased tickets.
This means refunds if required.

We will keep reassessing the situation constantly with all the new information presented to us by the local and Belgian federal government. In the event of any changes we will communicate these changes through all our social media channels, our website and our newsletter.

Please keep your hopes up.


Follow all guidelines to battle the virus. Keep your loved ones safe. Thank everyone with essential occupations.

Be kind to one another! Now more than ever.

BIG LOVE from your Sjock team!

14/03/2020 - The Blasters cancel European Tour due to Coronavirus

‘Considering current global health crisis, The Blasters will not take any risk that could affect Phil Alvins health condition in any way and have therefore decided to cancel their upcoming summer tour in Europe.’

Absolutly gutted about this news..
We’re looking for a fitting replacement as we speak!
More news on this as soon as possible!

02/03/2020 - 8 more bands ! - Ticket sales starts !

We will finally open ticket sales! You can buy your tickets from today, 16h00 at

Note that we have a new ticket available, so you can buy the right ticket that suits your needs best.

As usual we have individual day tickets available and the regular ‘Full weekend ticket’, valid for the complete weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

On top of this we offer a ‘Short weekend ticket’, valid for Saturday + Sunday only.

Ticket prices as follows (all service costs included):

Friday ticket: €50
Saturday ticket: €40

Sunday ticket: €40

Short weekend ticket: €75

Full weekend ticket: €99

We can also announce 8 additional bands for the

Sjock weekend on July 10-11-12:



Equal Idiots

Hola Ghost


L.A. Machina

Doghouse Sam and his Magnatones


Smooth Lee

Go to the Line Up section to see the break down

per day and get more info about the bands

12/02/2020 - Wooha - 7 more bands confirmed + clubconcert Smokestack Lightnin'


First we would like to tell you about a great roots concert we’ll be having at Sjock headquarters, JK’t Hoekske in Gierle. On February 22nd, we’ll welcome none other than the great Smokestack Lightnin’ from Germany. As a regular Sjock visitor, you will no doubt have seen these guys perform at Sjock!

Smokestack Lightnin’ will be supported by Dry Riverbed Trio from The Netherlands and Paris Texas from Belgium. Make sure not to miss this great line-up.

These great bands will play Sjockfest in July :

From Australia: Stiff Richards

From Belgium: This Means War

From The Netherlands: Dry Riverbed Trio

From the US: Voodoo Swing, New Bomb Turks, Oh Sees and Dropkick Murphys!

Presale will start in a couple of weeks, as soon as we can confirm some acts for Friday night.

We will inform you in advance thru our newsletter, on this site, on FB, ....

22/01/2020 - Another 11 bands confirmed !

You don’t hear that often from us, but when you do, it’s good news (we hope 😉)!

So here we go again to spoil you with 11 new bands we’ve added to the Sjock 45 line-up.

A quite conventional list of names, as you damn well know what Sjock stands for; call it a blend of good old-fashioned Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Cowpunk, Punkrock, Garage and the odd bunch of weirdos.

Or to be more specific:

Agnostic Front / Black Lips / The Jason Ringenberg Band / Death by Unga Bunga / Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders / White Fang / Decent Criminal / The Same Old Shoes / Sean K. Preston / Belle Starr and the Boot Jacks / Hukkelfukkers

More info about these bands in our Line Up section

A lot more coming up in a couple of weeks ! Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the info in our inbox.

18/12/2019 - First 10 bands confirmed !


Phil Campbell of Motörhead fame will bring his Bastard Sons to play a set of Motörhead classics.

Legendary Blasters bring their american music to the stage.

Surf rock giants Slacktone.

Alt-country/Americana heroes The Sadies invited as well.  


California punkrawkers Neighborhood Brats,

Italian folk rockers Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards,

Tex-Mex/Americana with Texans Vandoliers.

From The Netherlands  The Ragtime Rumours.

Some wild rockabilly from Arsen Roulette.



That’s all for now folks, we’ll talk again on January 20th with a new band update!


Your Sjock team


29/11/2019 - Early Bird Weekend Tickets

Pfew folks! Been a while, hasn’t it?

Well we finally lifted our lame asses after a long break (not really) and got into putting together a fresh line-up to celebrate the 45th(!) anniversary of Sjock.

Expect some real cool announcements in the next weeks, bands that will join the mighty Social Distortion on our crazy little fest. A lot of new, but also some very familiar faces are ready to rumble!

But first, all you faithful visitors, you’re in for a treat from our side, ‘cause Sunday will be brite Sunday and we’ll start selling a very limited amount of ‘Early Bird’ weekend tickets at a reduced price.

Get hold of these tickets on from Sunday morning 10h00 AM sharp, while they still last!

Don’t know which Christmas present to buy for your boy/girlfriend? Well here’s the answer!

Also tickets for the camper/mobilhome area will be on sale from Sunday. We have increased the area, but spots are still limited!

Hotel deals can be booked here:, tell them you want to book the Sjock deal! More info about this deal can be found on the official Sjock website,!

We’ll check in real soon with you guys to fill you in on more bands, in the meantime please check, like, but most of all share our Facebook event:


We’ll be right back!


14/07/2019 - First Headliner Sjock 45 confirmed

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