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Festival uren

Vrijdag :

Parking: 14h00

Camping: 15h00

Festival doors: 18h00

Festival closed: 03h00

Zaterdag :

Parking: 10h00

Festival doors : 12h00

Festival closed : 03h00

Zondag :

Parking: 10.00 uur

Festival doors : 12h00

Festival closed : 01h00

Maandag :

Camping closed: 12h00

Parking closed: 12h00

Madball replaces Sick Of It All at Sjock 48.

A massive ‘thanks’ goes out to the @Madball family, who are making a big effort travelling from Hungary to Belgium next Sunday, playing Sjock festival, to replace Sick of It All !!!


End of Presale

You have probably already noticed that Sunday tickets and Weekend tickets are Sold Out.
Plenty of Friday and Saturday tickets available, however don't wait any longer if you want to buy CHEAP.
Online Presale ends Wednesday evening at 23h59.
For sure tickets for Friday and Saturday will be available at the door, however that will be more expensive (Friday 40 euro, Saturday 55 euro)


Avoid queues at Sjock

- Buy your ticket(s) and tokens online here (closes Wednesday evening 23h59)
- Print your ticket or download your ticket on your smartphone and have it ready when you arrive at the entrance.
- People who are camping at the festival : we will already exchange your presale tickets (entrance + tokens) at the campsite on Friday from 14h !!!

Easiest route to Sjock

First of all, we like to promote coming by bike or by foot to our festival.
If that's not possible, please try to carpool. The more people the more fun !

If you come by car : their will be roadworks on the way to Sjock as you reached it previous editions.
So we have planned another easy way to reach Sjock.
It's important to use following instructions :

- GPS address : Loozijde 1, 2460 Tielen, as soon as you reach this, you will have noticed the SJOCK-signs, follow these from there on;

- From E34 - Antwerp-Eindhoven - take EXIT 22 and follow Gierle - Tielen - follow the Sjock signs

- From E313 - Antwerp-Hasselt - take EXIT 23 and follow Kasterlee - Tielen - follow the Sjock signs


Payments @ Sjock

Sjock accepts bank card payments and cash payments.
Beware that there is no 4G or WIFI access, so make sure to bring cash or your bank card.

For visitors out of Belgium, make sure to bring cash, we know that some bank cards are not accepted by our tokens machine

At the entrance we will have 2 token machines which accept cash only.

On the festival site, on your right when you are facing the main stage, we have a booth.
On the right side, we will have 2 token machines which accept bank cards only.
On the left site, some friendly volunteers will sell you tokens (cash + bank card).
So check where we have the shortest queue.

We've added a small map of the festival site on our webpages, check it out.

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