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02/03/2020 - 8 nieuwe bands ! - Voorverkoop start !

Eindelijk start onze voorverkoop! Vanaf vandaag 16u kan je je tickets kopen op www.sjock.com

We hebben dit jaar een nieuw ticket beschikbaar. Let op dat je het juiste ticket selecteert.

Zoals gewoonlijk hebben we dagtickets en weekendtickets voor 3 dagen.

Dit jaar hebben we bovendien een "short weekend" ticket dat enkel geldig is voor zaterdag en zondag.

Prijzen zijn inclusief alle service kosten :

Vrijdag : €50
Zaterdag: €40

Zondag: €40

Short weekend ticket: €75

Full weekend ticket: €99



​En hierbij de 8 nieuwe aankondigingen :


Equal Idiots

Hola Ghost


L.A. Machina

Doghouse Sam and his Magnatones


Smooth Lee

Ga naar het Line Up gedeelte om te zien op welke

jouw favoriete band speelt en klik door voor meer

info over de band.

12/02/2020 - Wooha - 7 more bands confirmed + clubconcert Smokestack Lightnin'

First we would like to tell you about a great roots concert we’ll be having at Sjock headquarters, JK’t Hoekske in Gierle. On February 22nd, we’ll welcome none other than the great Smokestack Lightnin’ from Germany. As a regular Sjock visitor, you will no doubt have seen these guys perform at Sjock!

Smokestack Lightnin’ will be supported by Dry Riverbed Trio from The Netherlands and Paris Texas from Belgium. Make sure not to miss this great line-up.

These great bands will play Sjockfest in July :

From Australia: Stiff Richards

From Belgium: This Means War

From The Netherlands: Dry Riverbed Trio

From the US: Voodoo Swing, New Bomb Turks, Oh Sees and Dropkick Murphys!

Presale will start in a couple of weeks, as soon as we can confirm some acts for Friday night.

We will inform you in advance thru our newsletter, on this site, on FB, ....

22/01/2020 - Another 11 bands confirmed !

You don’t hear that often from us, but when you do, it’s good news (we hope 😉)!

So here we go again to spoil you with 11 new bands we’ve added to the Sjock 45 line-up.

A quite conventional list of names, as you damn well know what Sjock stands for; call it a blend of good old-fashioned Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Cowpunk, Punkrock, Garage and the odd bunch of weirdos.

Or to be more specific:

Agnostic Front / Black Lips / The Jason Ringenberg Band / Death by Unga Bunga / Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders / White Fang / Decent Criminal / The Same Old Shoes / Sean K. Preston / Belle Starr and the Boot Jacks / Hukkelfukkers

More info about these bands in our Line Up section

A lot more coming up in a couple of weeks ! Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the info in our inbox.

18/12/2019 - First 10 bands confirmed !


Phil Campbell of Motörhead fame will bring his Bastard Sons to play a set of Motörhead classics.

Legendary Blasters bring their american music to the stage.

Surf rock giants Slacktone.

Alt-country/Americana heroes The Sadies invited as well.  


California punkrawkers Neighborhood Brats,

Italian folk rockers Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards,

Tex-Mex/Americana with Texans Vandoliers.

From The Netherlands  The Ragtime Rumours.

Some wild rockabilly from Arsen Roulette.



That’s all for now folks, we’ll talk again on January 20th with a new band update!


Your Sjock team

29/11/2019 - Early Bird Weekend Tickets

Pfew folks! Been a while, hasn’t it?

Well we finally lifted our lame asses after a long break (not really) and got into putting together a fresh line-up to celebrate the 45th(!) anniversary of Sjock.

Expect some real cool announcements in the next weeks, bands that will join the mighty Social Distortion on our crazy little fest. A lot of new, but also some very familiar faces are ready to rumble!

But first, all you faithful visitors, you’re in for a treat from our side, ‘cause Sunday will be brite Sunday and we’ll start selling a very limited amount of ‘Early Bird’ weekend tickets at a reduced price.

Get hold of these tickets on www.sjock.com from Sunday morning 10h00 AM sharp, while they still last!

Don’t know which Christmas present to buy for your boy/girlfriend? Well here’s the answer!

Also tickets for the camper/mobilhome area will be on sale from Sunday. We have increased the area, but spots are still limited!

Hotel deals can be booked here: info.delinde@corsendonkhotels.com, tell them you want to book the Sjock deal! More info about this deal can be found on the official Sjock website, www.sjock.com!

We’ll check in real soon with you guys to fill you in on more bands, in the meantime please check, like, but most of all share our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/453216535531716/


We’ll be right back!


14/07/2019 - First Headliner Sjock 45 confirmed

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