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Ticketpage for the concerts @ Jk 't Hoekske

Presale tickets are available

Sjock Festival Presale tickets are availableThe presale tickets are available!! >> Goto the Ticketpage

This year you can only buy your ticket online or at the doors, so no hard tickets available

New news!

Sjock Festival New news!Howdy Rockers and Rockettes!
Long time, no see!
Time to update you on a massive amount of new confirmed bands for your Rock'n'Roll Highlight of 2014!
Here we go:

Astro Zombies (FR/UK)
Restless (UK)
Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes (FR)
Voodoo Swing (US)
The Paladins (US)
56 Killers (UK)
Big Sandy & his Fly Rite Boys (US)
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (US)
Los Fabulous Frankies (BE)
Psycho 44 (BE)
The Bronx (US)
Daddy Long Legs (US)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club (US)

More to follow in the coming weeks,
we suggest you do your work-outs to get in shape for Sjock at the events below!

Next load of bands

Sjock Festival Next load of bandsThe new confirmed bands are:

Astro Zombies, Restless, Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes, Voodoo Swing

Spot in the lineup?

Sjock Festival Spot in the lineup?Hi All!

Like every year we give upcoming bands the opportunity to play at the Sjock Festival.
We gonna leave some spots open for these bands on Your Rock'n'Roll Highlight of the Year!
All interested bands can send in a demo, bio and contact info to:

Charlotte Kersemans
Schoorstraat 14
BE - 2275 GIERLE

(We don't accept mails with links to websites or myspace - please burn your best songs on cd and send it to us.)

More info

DEADLINE: 12th of april
Spread the word!

World Cup 2014

Sjock Festival World Cup 2014The semi finals and finals of the World Cup 2014 will be shown on a large screen!

First bands!

Sjock Festival First bands!The first load of bands for next Sjock Festival:

Peter Pan Speedrock / Nekromantix / Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets /
Lords of Altamont / Raketkanon / Marc and the Wild Ones / Koffin Kats /
Spuny Boys / The Generators / The Delta Bombers / The Montesas /
Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies / King Hiss